Build & push keys

Push keys inside your dico using CLI

Whenever you're done writing keys, you can then build and push your changes to

Building Your Dico

Before pushing keys to you first need to build your dico. To do so you need to use the CLI at your project root:

dico build

The CLI build command will crawl your project files looking for keys. It'll then build your dico structure out of the found keys. If there's any issue during this process the CLI will let you know.

💡 Your source code is not in the src folder or the build command doesn't detect any key? Try editing the sources array in your dico.config.json file with patterns matching your source files.

Still having issues? Checkout the common mistakes when creating keys.

Pushing Keys

Once your dico is built you can then push it to As you might have guessed already, you can use the CLI push command to do so:

dico push

If everything went well your dico on should now allow you to browse and edit your new keys!

💡 Tired of building and pushing your dico together? You can run the push command with the build flag to perform both at once: dico push --build

That's the end of the getting started section.

Vite user? We have a dedicated example for you ->

You can also go further by browser the references for the CLI and the client ->

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