Getting the CLI

How to get started with CLI

Once your dico is created on the workflow for developers becomes centered around the CLI.

Installing the CLI

To get the CLI, simply install it with your favorite package manager:

npm install --global @dico/cli
yarn global add @dico/cli

Once installed, the command dico should now be available globally.

💡 Typing dico in your terminal should result in the CLI help message being displayed.

Logging In

Now that you have the CLI you need to authenticate within it.

For that purpose you'll need your personal access token. To get this token check the personal access token section of your user profile within

Once you have your token simply use the login command, replacing <token> with your personal access token:

dico login <token>

💡 If you're currently logged in within, you should see above your very own personal access token!

If so, you can then simply copy/paste the command.

If everything went well, you're now logged in!

In the next section we'll go through initing a dico inside your project ->

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