Initing a dico

Initing a dico inside your project using CLI

To init a dico, make sure you first have at least a dico on

Initing dico.config.json

Initing a dico is pretty straightforward and consists of creating a dico.config.json file at the root of your project directory. No worries! We have a command to help you with that process:

dico init

The CLI init command will check for available dicos you have access to as a developer or admin (you need to be logged in)

It'll then prompt you to pick one and will create the corresponding dico.config.json file. This file is meant to be versioned on git, it primarily contains information about your dico structure.

Once your dico.config.json file is created the CLI will prompt you for installing @dico/client for you. Picking yes to this options allows you to skip the next section, installing the client, and to go straight to writing keys.

Now that your dico is inited within your project, you can head to installing the client. If the init process already did so for you, you can go straight to writing keys ->

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